The Best Self Defense Moves You Should Know!

Published: 03rd March 2010
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If you have any formal practice or experience in the martial arts or if you have just started, I have some things you will want to know. I will also show you some information and training tactics that I think are the best self defense moves currently available for street based defense. Many of the traditional arts don't have the stuff you need to survive in a life or death battle on the street. In reality, you probably wont fight off someone with a sword, but chances are you might face someone with pepper spray attacking you. Either way here are some of the best self defense moves you can use starting with:

Best self defense moves #1: Don't let your battle go onto the ground, ever. If you find yourself on the ground, your best home is to attempt an arm bar on your opponent, but it's more likely that your opponent has backup coming to help him in his fight, and that being smacked into the hard ground will break your bones or possibly knock you unconscious, so being on the ground can be fatal. This position makes it easier for your opponent to pull a knife and stab you. If the fight goes to the ground, do whatever you can to get back up on your feet. Do whatever it takes to get back up to your feet, even if it means biting your attackers neck. Don't let the fight stay on the ground. I've seen a guy get knocked out with a baton while executing a perfect arm bar on buddy with the baton's friend.

Best self defense moves #2: If a fight is inevitable, strike first. Your initial attack probably won't be a knockout blow. You want to channel the full power of your rage when you tear into the opponent. There's no such thing as a fair fight, so use every painful thing that you know to make your opponent hurt and prevent him from hurting you back. Even if that means scratching your opponents face with your long nails or using your car keys and stabbing the bad guy in the face with them. Anything works. Remember when Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of that guys ear? Well if you can bite your attacker it might end the fight.

Best self defense moves #3: It's not uncommon to hear of blackbelts getting beatdown in bar fights. Why does this happen? The wild nature of a street fight isn't usually covered in the dojo. Focus your mind and react quickly, don't be afraid of getting hurt, and don't hesitate to be as violent as you need to be to save yourself. When you are in training at the dojo, practice the moves you are learning to the best of your ability. Learn how to make them automatic so you don't need time to think about using them. Make it auto pilot.

These are the best self defense moves you can possibly know!


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