Street Judo - Does Judo Work In Street Fights?

Published: 04th March 2010
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So, you may be asking yourself if judo is a worthwhile martial art to train for street fights. I can give you some examples on how street judo can save your butt in a fight in the dojo or in the bar or any other type of self defense situation. You must follow these strategies outlined below to decide if this art is practical for the applications of street fighting below:

Street Judo #1 - A very good aspect of street fights that applies to judo is the fact that fights go to the ground often. Which helps alot, especially if you are trained in a martial art like Judo. Being able to throw someone on the ground and having them land on their head is good, and being able to choke them out within 5 seconds is even better in a street fight. Judo may not have the fancy kicks or punches of karate or taekwondo but it when it comes to clinch fighting and submitting someone on the ground only jiujutsu can compare.

Street Judo #2 - Alot of the push and pull and weight distribution of this martial art apply to many street battle situations. If you are able to throw someone off their balance, toss them with your hip so they smash their head into the pavement as their first source of ground contact can win you the fight. I have used judo extensively as a bouncer for the past few years and can honestly say when someone is grabbing or pushing at you having these street judo skills is mandatory to escape the situation with the upper hand.

Street Judo #3 - Training in judo at the local dojo is good because it builds up your fitness and gives you actual skills you can use to fight someone off beginning with your very first white belt. It's a great art to know and I personally suggest you cross train in other arts like taekwondo or karate to broaden your focus and skills to become a better and more well rounded self defense fighter.

Street Judo #4 - A wonderful tactic that street judo can teach you is: Knowing how to fall properly. I have had many serious falls including mountain bike accidents and even being hit by cars. I was never seriously injured because I was always able to tuck and roll or land properly, like they teach you in street judo. Follow these tips to get the most from your martial arts training!


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