Learn Street Fighting Karate Tactics In Under 5 Minutes!

Published: 14th May 2010
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There's an old saying that can be applied to just about anything. "If you want to be a millionaire, you have to learn from a millionaire." The same can be said about fighting. If you want to survive a real fight, then learn from someone who HAS survived a real fight! As a former inmate-turned-bouncer, I can honestly say I have personally survived my share of real fights. Perhaps you are a highly skilled black belt martial artist. But if you truly get good-and-honest with yourself, are all those fancy moves going to keep you alive on the streets? Maybe they will, but a few more raw and gritty street-based techniques certainly can't hurt!

Street fighting karate tips one - Bite, bite, and bite some more! If someone is attacking me, he better be ready for me to bite his face - HARD! If he gets his fingers too close to my face, there's a good chance he's pulling back a bloody nub! It doesn't matter, because bites hurt so use them! It doesn't really matter WHERE - just BITE! Trust me, biting your attacker will immediately catapult you from "helpless victim," to "highly worthy and respected adversary."

Street fighting karate tips two - Target the shins, knees, and especially the groin with your kicks. Side kicks, high roundhouse kicks (and do I have to even mention spinning kicks?) are dangerous to you because they are easier to trap, can knock you off balance, and you can even be thrown to the ground. Remain on your feet (not your back) by keeping your kicks BELOW the belt (except to boot a crouching, kneeling, or crawling assaulter in the face to keep him off you)! Either way, a few well cordinated kicks to the shins, knee caps and groin can keep an attacker away.

Street fighting karate tips number three - Hone your street fighting skills by practicing some REALISTIC fighting situations, NOT some scripted moves. Instead of repeatedly practicing the same block from a slow, calculated kick/punch, put on some sparring equipment with a pal and practice defending yourself from a more life-like "attack." Allow one of your training partners to deliver you some solid blows to see what the real deal feels like!

Street fighting karate tips 4 - Gouge an eye. Even more painful than many punches, applying pressure to your attacker's eye may be just what he needs to help him "see" the error of his ways. When your assailant come in close for his attack, stick a hard and fast thumb right in his eye, then keep punching him about the face and neck until he backs off - or collapses. Not only will it cause severe pain, a gouge in even one eye will cause intense watering in BOTH eyes, making it extremely difficult for him to see!

Street fighting karate tips five - ALWAYS be mindful of your surroundings. Don't take anyone or anything for granted. Be at a heightened state of alert at ALL times, and never get complacent, especially when you are forced to walk alone at night, or go down a dimly-lit alleyway. And use your environment to your BENEFIT - use reflective surfaces like windows to gain a sight advantage over your would-be-attackers!

I KNOW these tips work. Don't be squeamish about using them, WITHOUT holding anything back, and you have a far greater chance of coming out on top in a real fight!


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