Learn How To Survive In Jail.. Secrets You Need To Know!

Published: 11th February 2010
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If you are looking at a possible jail sentence it can be very terrifying, especially if you have never done a day of time in your life. If you are a hardened criminal it's a walk in the park. But living in the system has a very strict set of rules you follow so you won't be made someones bitch. You don't want to be victimized by the bullies in jail so I will share some more factors that will keep you safer and less bothered, then if you didnt know these following tips.

How to survive in jail - When you are doing your time you want to make as little friction with other people as possible. Remember to never give inmates you don't know prolonged eye contact it can mean you want to fight them. When you are walking around, keep your eyes focused straight ahead and don't be caught snooping on other prisoners lives. Also, don't look into other prisoners cells when you are walking down the hallway with your houses. Give other inmates their personal privacy and protect your own. If you don't know them, they don't talk to you, look at you, or have anything to do with you, do the same for them.

How to survive in jail - If you are a sexual offender I highly recommend you live in protective custody. Rapists and child molesters get the worst time in prison ever. Other inmates will attack you, punch you, poison your food, stab you or do worse things. If you have commited a sexual crime get your butt into protective custody because it is the only way you will survive.

How to survive in jail - When you enter the mess hall or eating area, I recommend you pay off your cell mate with something from your tray of food to let you sit with him. If not, ask people if it's ok to sit there. If you sit in someones seat, that has sat there for the past 9 years of his life your going to be having some problems. Be respectful in the mess hall but also be extra alert and aware of the inmates around you while you are in the line up and while your back is exposed at the table.

There is a certain way of living and being inside the jail system and I hope these tips have opened your eyes to the raw reality of what you are about to experience.


An inmate spills the beans and shares 4 essential secrets on how to survive jail! if you have never done time, or are looking at a long sentence, these tips can save your life behind bars. Get these jail survival tips here now!

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