Learn 6 Seriously Brutal Street Fighting Tips!

Published: 12th January 2010
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In this article you will find self defense techniques that I, personally, know are effective. For years I have been a bounce and have fought for my life behind prison bars. I have learned that no matter what kind of martial arts student you are, you need to learn some some some street fighting skills in addition to your martial arts training.

Learn street fighting tips #1 - Bite anytime you get the chance. If you find yourself in a position where your opponent's hand is in front of your face and you can bite, by all means, do it. It doesn't matter what you bite, whether it is your opponent's fingers, face, arms, groin, elbow, kidneys, legs, lips, eyes, ears, or eyebrows. Using this street fighting tip will make any fight deadlier.

Learn street fighting tips #2 - Only apply kicks to the shin, groin, and/or kneecaps. If you are in a street fight and throw a side-kick, you need to be prepared to get off the ground quickly, should your opponent catch the kick. In order to stay off the ground, keep your kicks low. Plus, this will also keep your opponent at a farther distance.

Learn street fighting tips #3 - Put time into practicing unrehearsed self defense training methods. You want to find time to practice being tossed around, whether it is in a park or your back yard, so that you can make your responses and attacks as natural, routine, and real as you possibly can.

Learn street fighting tips #4 - Using an eye gouge will cause more pain and destruction than any punch. If you are close enough to your opponent, stab your fingers into his/her eye sockets and then continue to attack using punches. By reducing your opponent's vision and causing him/her pain, you will decrease his/her self-esteem and be able to win easier.

Learn street fighting tips #5 - Always be aware of your surroundings and the people who are in your immediate surroundings. When you are walking through the streets at night stay in the well lit areas, and use car windows and shop windows as mirrors to see behind you.

Learn street fighting tips #6 - Another absolutely huge street fighting tactic is to be the first guy to attack. You can fake by putting your arms out infront of you and tell the bad guy you dont want problems, then attack!


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