How To Win Any Street Fight Using Prison Fighting!

Published: 09th March 2010
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So you might have found yourself getting sick of the routines and customs of traditional martial arts. Worse yet is the fact that many of these so called black belts and instructors don't know how to win any street fight.

However when you learn street fighting from a guy that has been in many street fights you will start to see who really has the skills of enabling you to survive a street attack. I have outlined a list of techniques and methods of inflicting pain you will want to know. You probably won't find these techniques in any conventional martial arts so here is a list:

How to win any street fight #1 - If your attacker grabs at your head or puts his hands or arms at face level, by all means don't hesitate to sink your teeth into his flesh. All areas of the body are good for biting. You can really sink your teeth deep into muscle or cause more serious bleeding. Remember this tip and use it.

How to win any street fight #2 - If you throw any kicks at the bad guy, keep them under the waist and below. You can throw side kicks into someones knee cap and snap it, or you can deliver a swift kick to the groin and drop a much larger attacker. If you are being bear hugged you can kick shins and stomp the feet. There are many ways to cause pain to the lower half of your opponents body. Being able to throw some good kicks is essential.

How to win any street fight #3 - Take time to practice and do active sparring and combat training for subconscious memorization. Have someone throw you around in an open space in order for you make the scenarios seem more real, and to practice responding to unexpected maneuvers that you will probably face in a real fight.

How to win any street fight #4 - Eye gouging someone is effective and causes more pain the punches. If your opponent comes into close combat range then I suggest stab your fingers into his eyes or try ripping them out The person you are fighting will be in extreme pain, and he/she won't be able to see very well, which will help you gain an advantage.

How to win any street fight #5 - Always be alert and be ready for a weapon to come into play. Last night in front of a bar I fought off a man who tried attacking me with a hammer, luckily one of my friends yelled at me he was armed, because I didn't notice before hand. I disarmed him and beat him and left the scene.


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