How To Win A Street Fight Against Someone Bigger Revealed!

Published: 02nd February 2010
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So if you were stuck in the position of facing off against a much bigger opponent and your no martial artist, what would you do? Well you don't need to goto a self defense course or martial arts dojo because in this special article I will show you how to fight back against someone bigger in a street fight and actually win!

Learn How To Win A Street Fight Against A Bigger Opponent - The first thing you must learn about self defense is to stay alert and aware at all times. No matter what your surroundings are, whether it's a vacant parking lot, empty street, or a walking trail, if your attention is focused elsewhere because of some distraction, you are a walking target for an attack. Keeping your senses limited only makes you that much more vulnerable to your attacker!

Learn How To Win A Street Fight Against A Bigger Opponent - The second rule you must learn, is that the majority of attackers happen to be male, something of common knowledge but worthy of reminding. If your opponent is a male, then chances are you should strike the groin area. Strike out at the groin anyway possible; Punching, slapping, biting, squeezing, kicking, stomping. No matter what, as long as you attack with extreme violence and hate you will cause damage.

Learn How To Win A Street Fight Against A Bigger Opponent- Another technique that you should master is the act of eye gouging, making your strikes as swift and as hard as you can will dominate your opponent effortlessly. By stabbing your finger into your attackers eye, he will have limited range of motion and have trouble being able to see. As an added bonus, he will also be in quite a bit of pain!

Learn How To Win A Street Fight Against A Bigger Opponent- Fighting back with strikes to the throat of your attacker is yet another key area to remember in self defense. When a person takes a hit to the throat, it will throw off their sense of balance and cause problems with their breathing. One of the great things about this technique is that anyone is capable of doing it.

Although these tips could no doubt better your chances at fending off an attacker, taking a self defense class or even a class in martial arts are the ultimate way to prepare for a violent encounter. I would also highly recommend that some sort of weightlifting or cardio workout be on your agenda, all the better to aide you when fighting back.


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