Exercises To Reduce Chest Fat For Men Exposed!

Published: 25th February 2010
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For most females, they all say that the most attractive part of a man is none other then his chest. Now if you are a guy that has a problem and needs exercises to reduce chest fat you are in for a treat. I will show you how to remove and eliminate the excess chest fat that makes your chest look rounded and puffy. This can lower your chances of meeting the types of women you want to meet! I have included some exercises to reduce chest fat for men starting with exercise #1..

Exercises to reduce chest fat for men #1 - One of the most basic yet most effective exercises is none other then the simple push up. It is a great way to reduce your man boobs and it won't bulk you up like a workout in a gym. Best of all this is a great method to lose weight and put on muscle and build up your testosterone not to mention your fat burning abilities. Remember there are always different types and styles of pushups that you can do. Do as many different variations as you can to get the most pump and impact on your chest. Making it stronger, flatter and eventually more muscular!

Exercises to reduce chest fat for men #2 - I also highly recommend the dumbbell chest press. This is an excellent way to target both of your pecs individually. I suggest you do 4-5 working sets of this exercise with reps between 15-20. You want to melt the fat off your chest and this exercise is an excellent technique. Press as much weight as you can as often as you can. Building up your chest muscles is essential for getting the chest you want.

Exercises to reduce chest fat for men #3 - The bench press is the ultimate way to flatten and build up your chest. You want to reduce your chest fat and using the barbell instead of dumbbells can add to the strength and muscular development of doing the same exercise with dumb bells. I suggest that you do 3-4 sets of this exercise with 15-20 repetitions as well. Just focus on using the muscle as much as possible and feel the burn in your chest area.

Follow these simple exercises and strategies to reduce chest fat. If you are a man you have to follow these tips to reduce your chest fat and get the most from your love life. Reduce your chest fat and get the upper torso you have always dreamed of using these 3 simple exercises.


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