Discover Seven Of The Best Street Self Defense Techniques Now!

Published: 17th May 2010
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Here are some very important street fighting tips, which I am adamant about, that I wish to bring to your attention. Keep reading to learn some great new techniques to truly broaden your martial arts horizons.

Best street self defense method number one is NEVER take anyone for granted! Be mindful of your surroundings, and everyone in them, all the time! It's obvious but if you are going to walk down a dark alley or a shady area of the city at night you better be on guard. See, hear, and even smell everything you possibly can, and trust your instincts.

Best street self defense method number two is to train regularly to overcome your fear of taking a punch. Without routine training, you could freak out and even be unable to move, but regular training can prevent this. Find a good self defense instructor that incorporates sparring.

Best street self defense method number three is get yourself physically conditioned with regular strength training with weights, and everyday exercise to build up endurance for the necessary stamina you will NEED to survive an attack. Watching the Ultimate Fighting Championships should be a good indication that you MUST be in peak physical shape to withstand such a barrage of punches and kicks (much like you will endure in a REAL fight). Lugging around the weight of excess fat can be remedied, starting TODAY by weightlifting and regular exercise. Much of surviving an assault depend LARGELY on your physical condition.

Best street self defense method number four is keep things simple, and be TERRIFYING rather than TERRIFIED! The easy-to-do methods usually work best to TOTALLY ANNIHILATE your adversary and completely catch him off guard. Hard and fast moves like temple strikes, groin kicks, eye gouges, and throat strikes are all highly effective to devastate and terrify a would-be mugger!

Best street self defense method number five is to always keep a cool head, and look for the "opt out" method whenever possible. Don't be a "Bruce Lee" when your BEST option may clearly be to walk away! Avoiding confrontations whenever you can, and defusing situations as they arise, is something you'll need to incorporate a little common sense into. Can you put a price on your life? Is your Rolex, or even thousands of dollars in cold hard cash REALLY worth dying for? Of course not!

Best street self defense method number six is to keep some type of self defense weapon on you at all times. Many different types of these are available, but check with state and local regulations and strictly adhere to the law.

Best street self defense method number seven is to put together all the good techniques you have learned and realize just how incredibly powerful and effective some of the simplest moves really are. You really don't have to ACCEPT that you are "just a victim" - DEFEND YOURSELF! And don't just keep getting "beat on" until help arrives. YOU may be the only "help" you're gonna get! Even though the police may be late in responding, ALWAYS report every assault and give a detailed description of your attacker.

Keep your mind focused on being alert and remember these simple and extremely effective ways to fight back. Put them into practice in everyday life, and you'll be far more prepared in a street fight!


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