6 Killer Street Fighting Moves You Must Learn!

Published: 07th January 2010
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I am going to share with you some of the best self defense tactics with you that are proven to work. I have been a fighter as well as a bouncer throughout my entire life and I have even fought in prisons which has taught me martial art tips that every street fighter should be aware of.

The first street fighting moves that you should be aware of is that if you can bite, do it. If a fighter puts his hands near your face try and bite his finger or fave arms and hands in other types of situations. You will find that you are much more successful if you bite whenever possible.

The second street fighting moves that you should be aware of is that you should onl' kick the groin, shins, and kneecaps. Those that attempt to throw a sidekick in run the risk of their opponent catching it and they must know how to get off the ground quickly. Keeping your kicks low will allow you to keep your balance while keeping your attacker far away from you.

The third street fighting moves that you should be aware of is that you need to practice defense techniques that are not rehearsed. It is an excellent idea to practice in a park and other natural places to make your situations as real as possible.

The fourth street fighting moves that you should be aware of is that eye gouging is more valuable than a punch. If at all possible you should attempt to stab the eye sockets of your attacker followed by punches. By doing this your attacker will not be able to see which will allow 'ou to morally defeat him.

The fifth of the street fighting moves you should know is that you should train with weights and cardio machines. You want to be able to be physically capable of being able to fight off a much bigger or stronger attacker. If you are over weight or under weight, the chances of you being chosen to be mugged will be higher.

Another thing you should learn of the six street fighting moves I'm teaching is to always be alert and prepared for danger. You don't want to walk around areas that are known to be bad areas, or filled with bad people, with your mp3 player blasting. You want to be alert and aware at all times so you can be ready to defend and fight off an attacker with these street fighting moves.


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